High School Seniors Class of 2025

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Frequently Asked Questions

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High School Senior Photography

High school senior photos. Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do you charge for High School Senior pictures?

We separate the actual sitting from the picture purchase. Sitting fee starts at $159. Picture packages start at $399.

How much do you charge for the sitting?

Sitting charges start at $159

What about the yearbook?

We have a variety of yearbook backdrops for many of the local high schools. The yearbook photography is included in the sitting fee. All you need to do is provide the submission deadline, upload code or email where to send the image – and we do the rest. There is no extra charge for this service. You will always get a confirmation from us that the image has been received and verified by the yearbook administrator.

Do we get pictures with the sitting fee?

No, the sitting fee is for the creation of the portraits only. There are several image packages available, or you can order a la carte.

Can we get the digital images?

Yes, we offer digital packages with full reproduction rights for purchase.

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase required, but generally clients spend around $700 - $1000 on products.

What are the outdoor locations?

This depends on your preference. For the two-hour sessions we generally do some studio shots and then head out to a nearby park. For the three-hour sessions we generally do some studio shots and then head out to downtown locations.

What do we need to bring?

We will send you detailed information regarding attire, props, hair, and make-up prior to your appointment.

Can family members participate?

Yes, family members can participate – but we encourage not to do this. We want to keep the spotlight on the senior.

Can pets be included?

We love pets, but make sure they are well trained for a fun experience.

What about hair and make-up?

We always highly recommend professional hair and make-up and will be happy to arrange for you at an extra charge.

How many outfits?

This depends on the length of the session. For the one-hour session we recommend the yearbook outfit plus one. We recommend in addition to the yearbook outfit up to four for the two-hour and up to five outfits for the three-hour session.

Do you offer sports photography?

Yes, we love action shots. All you need to do is get permission from the coach/school to utilize their facilities and that we can have access to the grounds. We will send detailed sport photography tips prior to the session.

Is a deposit required at time of booking?

Yes, the sitting fee is due at booking. This will secure your personal time slot. Without a deposit, we can’t secure.

Can we reschedule?

Yes, with prior notice up to two times. No shows will forfeit the deposit.

Do you have online ordering?

No, we don’t. We believe that online viewing does not give your images full justice. We will invite you to come back to the studio about 10 days after the session. At that time, you can enjoy a slideshow presentation with all selected images. We will then guide and advise you through the selection and ordering process.

How long do you keep the images for reordering?

We keep easy access to your images for one year after your ordering. After that, they are stored on a server and can be retrieved for a small access fee.

What about Cap & Gown pictures?

The Cap & Gown sitting fee is included in most packages. This does not include images generated from this sitting. They can be additionally purchased.

What about graduation cards?

Graduation cards are included in our top package. Otherwise, they can be purchased separately.

High school senior photos.

Get the best high school senior photos around the area! Youth is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. One of the best ways to do so is certainly taking delightful portraits, as portrait photography can capture the essence of the person. Freedom of style and expression that seniors have isn't as present with older adults. They usually love experimenting and modeling which makes photographers love them even more.

We feel like everyone should have photos from this point in life. In our opinion, seniors are so exceptional to work with as they have so much energy and creative ideas flowing around, so each shooting is a new adventure. They are the perfect clients for creative nature & outdoor photography done in a professional way, so the photos look like taken straight from some fabulous movie. If you’re a parent of a senior, know that few other presents will excite them as much as the chance to be a model for a day.



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