Cap & Gown portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cap & Gown portraits

    Cap & Gown portraits. Frequently Asked Questions.

    How much do you charge for a Cap & Gown sitting?

    This sitting is available for $100 (studio), $150 (outdoor). But most of our High School Senior packages include the Cap & Gown sitting at no additional charge.

    What is included?

    Included in the Cap & Gown sitting is the time it takes to professionally photograph, edit, select the images, and prepare a slideshow to present to you for your selection/purchase.

    Do we get pictures with the sitting fee?

    No, product is available a la carte. The sitting fee is for the creation of the portraits only.

    Is there a minimum purchase?

    There is no minimum purchase required, but generally clients spend around $300 on products.

    What are the outdoor locations?

    This depends on your preference. We are open to suggestions.

    Do you provide the Cap & Gown?

    No, we don’t provide the Cap & Gown. There are so many different high schools and universities nearby that we don’t have the capacity to keep colors and sizes handy.

    What do we need to bring?

    We will send you detailed information regarding attire, props, hair, and make-up prior to your appointment.

    Can family members participate?

    Yes, family members can participate, just let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate and send the appropriate recommendations.

    Can pets be included?

    We love pets, but make sure they are well trained for your own relaxing experience.

    What about hair and make-up?

    We always highly recommend professional hair and make-up which can be arranged at an extra charge.

    Is there an expected dress attire?

    We always recommend dressing well under your cap & gown to instill confidence. This includes a manicure. We will advise prior to your appointment.

    Is a deposit required at time of booking?

    For stand-alone Cap & Gown sittings, a deposit of $100 is required. This will secure your personal time slot. Without a deposit, we can’t secure. This deposit is not refundable.

    Can we reschedule?

    Yes, with prior notice up to two times. No shows will forfeit the deposit.

    How long do you keep the images for reordering?

    We keep easy access to your images for one year after your ordering. After that, they are stored on a server and can be retrieved for a small access fee.



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