We are Karla and Charlie – a wife and husband team. We are

Karla Waterhouse

Karla about Charlie

Charlie is my photographic mentor. He brought me to the art of photography when we first met. I can remember following him around the world taking those street photos in many cities. In those days he used black and white film and a medium format camera. He loves the photojournalistic style of photography a talent honed from his street shots where he had to be quick yet still capture the moment. Like all of us he transitioned to digital in 2006 with the opening of the studio.

His approach is different to mine but it complements my style when we shoot together giving us an amazing variety of view-points. He is the humorist of the team. When I am shooting he is exercising his English sense of humor – generally at my cost.

Both my subject and I are cracking up. The effect is to lighten up the whole experience into a fun one. When I get that frustrated look on my face with the remote control – he is there to help. Together we are a team – professionally and in life.

Charlie about Karla

Karla is an artist with an amazing feel for the art of photography. She intuitively masters the most difficult part of photography – the creative eye. She creates amazing portraits. She understands how to relate to and relax her subjects in front of her camera. She has taken lessons with some of the best international wedding and portrait photographers honing her skills.

Put a camera in her hand and a person to photograph in front of her and she lights up. It is not long before I hear both her and her subject laughing together. This applies to family shots, individual portraits and even CEO’s from the large corporations in for their headshots. She is always looking for that perfect pose as she directs her subject controlling light and reflections. I always listen for that squeal of delight when she finally gets that shot. Just love it and her! She is my wife. Together we are a team.

Charles Waterhouse


The Magic of Good Portraits

The portraits we create for you, your family and loved ones will draw the viewers attention, ask to linger, may be smile and giggle or get emotional – but for sure will stay connected with the portrait. These portraits will not go out of style; we will create heirlooms to be handed to generations to come.

Our Style

Our custom portrait sessions are as unique as you are. We know the importance of posing yet making your experience relaxed, spontaneous and fun. With an eye for perfect situations and unique perspectives we create portraits that are beautiful, genuine and emotional.

Studio, Outdoors, or Location of Choice

Family, kids, sibling, high school seniors and pet portraits can be captured in our studio or at a location of your choice. We love photographing in the natural splendor that surrounds our studio. The Clinton River and vibrant colors of Riverside and River Woods Park, Hawk Woods Nature Reserve, Van Hoosen Farm, provide just a few examples of stunning backdrops. Choosing a location special to you is a wonderful way to give your portrait a personal touch. Just let us know your preference.

What to Wear

No matter if it is for a headshot, family or kids (not so much for pets though) session, this is a key element for a beautiful portrait. We recommend classic apparel in solid colors. Have fun with accessories and layers to add dimensions to your portraits and style your outfit with coordinating colors. More on this when you receive your portrait confirmation.

Make Up

We have a professional make up artist who understands portraiture, studio lights and digital cameras. We highly recommend adding her services to your experience.

Your Session

Your portrait session (apart from the headshot session) will take about an hour. If children are included we encourage you to bring some snacks and drinks. If it is a large family session we recommend bringing a good sense of humor:) More on this when you receive your portrait confirmation.

Your Portraits

Following your session we select the best images for processing and retouching. We devote our time to carefully selecting the images based on expression, posing, lighting and appeal. The final selection will then be processed and enhanced for you to enjoy at your sales appointment approx. two weeks after the photo session.

Products you can Choose

We offer a variety of print sizes, Canvas Gallery Wraps (also framed), Framed Prints, Albums, Digital Packages and Selections to suit every client.

Your Investment

Your initial investment of $195.00 (first hr. of photo session) is our time and talent during the session, the artistic work following the session and the personalized session to assist you in making your portrait selection. When you are ready to book your session, please contact karla@waterhousephoto.com. You will love the experience.



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