Dear Parents

Let us help you by checking the Senior Pictures off your to do list and save money:

There is still time for senior pictures, we promise your senior will have fun (and you wonderful portraits).

Call today for an appointment!

Now let’s talk about senior pictures, you know you need and want them. It’s a huge tradition with graduating from High School (our son graduated from Adams High School). If you are first time parents call us, we will take our time to inform you on what to expect, and how the process works (yearbook picture, attire changes, make-up, indoor/outdoor, sports, locations…..). Almost all parents are confused about the process and options, but after talking to us, they feel better.

Keep in mind that Senior Pictures are not only yearbook headshots but also about capturing that fleeting timeframe when our children leave behind their previous life and prepare for adulthood. Where did the time go? What happened to the sweet child? Who is this maturing adolescent changing by the day before your eyes?

We know what it is like as parents going through this, that’s why we do everything to help you along the way and not only create the best senior pictures of your child but also promise that you will love the experience.

Call us now 248 853 6779 to pick a date that works best for your busy schedule.

Karla Waterhouse

High School Senior Photography

High school senior photos.

Get the best high school senior photos around the area! Youth is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. One of the best ways to do so is certainly taking delightful portraits, as portrait photography can capture the essence of the person. Freedom of style and expression that seniors have isn’t as present with older adults. They usually love experimenting and modeling which makes photographers love them even more.

We feel like everyone should have photos from this point in life. In our opinion, seniors are so exceptional to work with as they have so much energy and creative ideas flowing around, so each shooting is a new adventure. They are the perfect clients for creative nature & outdoor photography done in a professional way, so the photos look like taken straight from some fabulous movie.  If you’re a parent of a senior, know that few other presents will excite them as much as the chance to be a model for a day.



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